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The Gooseman
102 W. 4th Street, Bethlehem PA 18015

“It’s Always Better At The Goose”

Locally known as, “The Goose” – trying the food here is a must, just ask all the Lehigh University Students. Situated in Bethlehem/Lehigh Valley, PA, The Goosemen is a deli unlike any we have ever seen. Run by owner, Tony, his wife Deb, and son Kevin, this shop truly is a family affair.

The Goosemen takes ordering and creating hoagies to a new level. Here’s the drill: you can tweet your order (@thegoosemen) or come in through #TheSideDoor and get in line. If you don’t start with Tony, the head goose himself, then you probably won’t get your sandwich. Tony is posted up in the same spot all day, every day taking orders, slicing, using his fork, and having fun. Your sandwich will make its way down the assembly line, ultimately ending up with Deb at the register. There’s always plenty of drinks & plenty of chips, but don’t slack, they close at 4pm so be there or be square. There are the occasional late nights but you better check #TheSideDoor.

And sure there’s a menu, but just tell Tony how you like it, and if the name sticks then you could see it on the menu. There’s also a plethora of good eats: The Struggle Bus, The Junkyard, Shots, Storm Trooper, the Charzard….just to name a few. You can even get a sandwich FedExed overnight if you’re that serious. We’re ecstatic to say that these extreme sandwiches are made with our premium meats and artisan cheeses!

The Gooseman
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