Dietz and Watson Presents Real Philly Deli - Crafted with pride in Philadelphia, PA since 1939

Swarthmore CO-OP
341 Dartmouth Avenue, Swarthmore PA 19081

The Swarthmore Co-Op Community Food Market was founded in 1937 by a few women in the community who were determined to find a solution to the lack of quality and fresh produce in the area.


Now, more than 80 years later, the Co-Op has been crowned a “Real Philly Deli!” Located right by Swarthmore College, all of their specialty sandwiches and paninis are paired with legendary names like the William Tell and the Catcher ON the Rye– and they all share something else in common. They feature premium meats and artisan cheeses from Dietz & Watson.

Their motto of “Fresh. Friendly. Local.” describes the daily attitude and quality of food at the Swarthmore Co-Op. Anything you order from behind their deli will leave you satisfied and craving more. If you stop by, consider the “Santa Fe” sandwich. This hoagie starts out with a fresh sesame seed roll and is filled with Dietz & Watson peppered turkey, fresh arugula, locally made salsa, and a veggie cream cheese to mellow out the spice. This pairing of ingredients for this Southwest hoagie reinforces the store’s “fresh, friendly and local” motto to the tee. Stop by the Co-Op on Dartmouth Avenue and see what makes them so special!

Swarthmore CO-OP
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