Dietz and Watson Presents Real Philly Deli - Crafted with pride in Philadelphia, PA since 1939

Styers Orchards
1121 Woodbourne Rd, Langhorne PA 19047

At Dietz & Watson, we think Real Philly Deli can extend outside of the city.

So if you’re looking for a great destination spot for a Sunday drive with the family, look no further than Styer Orchards in Langhorne, PA. While the property is owned by the county, it’s been run by families connected to the Orchard for over four generations (just like Dietz & Watson!).

Styer Orchards takes quality to a whole new level, which is why they choose our premium meats and artisan cheeses to create delicious sandwiches, which you can enjoy in their inviting outdoor seating area under the arbor. Then explore the farmer’s market featuring beautiful flowers and fresh baked apple cider donuts. We believe Styer Orchards does it all, so it’s definitely worth the trip.

Styers Orchards
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