Dietz and Watson Presents Real Philly Deli - Crafted with pride in Philadelphia, PA since 1939

2852 St Vincent Street, Philadelphia PA 19149

Much like Dietz & Watson, Marinucci’s has deep Philadelphia roots.

Situated on St. Vincent Street, Marinucci’s has maintained a standard of excellence for years. This high level quality and freshness is why they proudly serve our premium meats and artisan cheeses in their famous Marinucci’s hoagies like barbeque chicken, corned beef, Santa Fe Turkey and lean & lite turkey. We really like their specialty hoagies like The Nucci Italian (with prosciutto, sharp provolone & roasted peppers) and The Brous Avenue (Roast pork with sharp provolone & roasted peppers).

We love that everyone who works at Marinucci’s has a real Philly attitude, ready to get your order in as quickly as possible. And the residents of the neighborhood work at the store, which gives it a great local atmosphere. To keep it even more Philly, Marinucci’s uses Amoroso rolls to make their hoagies. At Marinucci’s, you can get one of the best hoagies in the city allowing you to get on your way to your destination.

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