Dietz and Watson Presents Real Philly Deli - Crafted with pride in Philadelphia, PA since 1939

Linden Italian Market
4011 Linden Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19111

A wide variety of offerings and family run for generations are just a couple of things Linden Market has in common with us here at Dietz & Watson.

Personally, we think the freshness of their hoagies makes them a landmark, and with 27 hoagie options, there’s something for everyone. Linden Market proudly uses our premium meats and artisan cheeses to ensure the highest quality and freshness. And if you’re looking to make a full meal out of your visit, Linden Market offers delicious potato and macaroni salads.

We’d highly recommend stopping by for one of their delicious breakfast sandwiches to start your day off right. Linden Market makes it easy to grab an egg and cheese sandwich with sausage, turkey, bacon or pork on the go. And if you’re planning an event for the office or family, Linden Market offers complete deli and hoagie trays that you can personalize to your event.

Linden Italian Market
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