Dietz and Watson Presents Real Philly Deli - Crafted with pride in Philadelphia, PA since 1939

Boccella’s Deli
37 West Eagle Road, Havertown PA 19083

A favorite in Haverford, PA, the locals know that Boccella’s is the place to go for lunch or dinner. Whether you’re stopping in for a hoagie, cheesesteafries, or even a beer it’s guaranteed you’ll be back for more!

Andrew & Song run the grill and are always ready to make you the perfect meal. At Boccella’s the staff is building sandwiches in style all their own! They prepare the entire inside of your sandwich while toasting your bread of choice. Once it’s toasted, they place the entire sandwich inside the bread, creating the perfect meal! We’re thrilled that our premium meats and artisan cheeses are included in these delicious sandwiches!

Boccella’s is not just your average deli, in addition to their selection of snacks, cheeses and meats, and hoagies they have an awesome selection of craft beers AND an olive oil & vinegar bar. Customers are encouraged to fill up a bottle of their favorites to take home with their food. We highly recommend getting an ice-cold beer, bottle of oil & vinegar and “The Boccella” (made with freshly sliced Sharp Provolone, Hot Sopressata, Capicola, Prosciutto, broccoli rabe, pepper shoots, and roasted red peppers)!

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